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The stretch ceiling business has been steadily developing and growing worldwide for over 25 years. Becoming an expert in this avant-garde technology is a real opportunity.

Why ?

Because the product itself has a very large range of applications:

  • New constructions as well as renovations
  • Residential as well as commercial or public places
  • As a decorating tool as well as for technical purposes

Stretch ceilings are an original alternative solution. Do you know a more convenient solution to turn a "popcorn" ceiling into a perfect smooth ceiling within a day, without moving out the furniture?

Stretch ceilings look like "traditional" gypsum ceilings but are installed fast & clean. They require virtually no maintenance, will not fade, crack or show mould or humidity stains. No painting can equal the high gloss achieved with a stretch ceiling laquer finish.

Stretch ceilings can be easily removed, allowing for the integration of all kind of technical equipments such as AC, Vent grids, smoke detectors, sprinklers, spotlights, etc. They can now also be printed with the design of your choice using high definition digital images. This can be of particular appeal when using translucent finish with integrated lighting system.

Stretch ceilings are the true alternative solution to traditional ceilings. The advantages they offer truly outweigth other "false ceilings" solution such as tiles.

To instal stretch ceilings you will not need many tools or equipment. Neither will you need a big team. Most of the ceilings can be installed by one single specialist. You will not need to acquire much stock. Just a minimum of rails is enough.

The stretch ceiling business is a forward looking business with very little competition and quick jobs turnover. It can be a single activity or a side business for a small contractor (painter, carpenter etc). However, being a stretch ceilings intaller takes skills. We have over 25 years of experience in this business. We organize training sessions to pass on our expertise and practice in this field to future installers. We can also provide on-site support if required.

The stretch ceilings business is a profitable opportunity.

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