• Novelum USA ceilings are made from a special PVC film with unique caracteristics.

    The film is applied to stretch and is held in place by profiles specially designed on purpose.

  • Novelum USA ceilings are very resistant. They are able to support heavy charge ( as a water damage).

    The ceiling will be deformed but will return to its initial position without any sagging or loss of shine, colour, texture or form.

  • The ceiling’s membrane is surrounded by a semi rigid PVC profiles forming as a hook to be clipped.

    This profile is welded by High Frequency. Rails are fixed ( stapled or screwed)to the existing walls or ceiling. We can form shapes as waves.

  • Every type of accessory available in the market at present can be installed with a stretch ceiling.

    That includes spot or hanging lights, air conditioning, extracting or ventilation grids, sprinklers, fire detectors or anything else.

  • Due to its anti bacterial texture, in PVC the stretch ceilings can be washed as many times as necessary, keeping a perfect hygienic surface.

    They can be washed with water and soap.

  • Yes! One of Novelum USA rails can be installed on walls.

  • Once the technician has taken measurement on the job site  the stretch ceiling could be placed in the following three weeks.

  • The stretch ceilings are A1 fire tested.

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