BALLAST Synthetic Decorative Walls is composed of fiber glass panels repoducing a large variety of bricks and stones.

Prefabricated corners, girders , beams , pillars , corbels...and original decorative patterns come in complement to the flat panels Ballast SDW to make a complete system.

Perfect reproduction of colors and relief. No maintenance and recyclable.

Ballast SDW can also reproduce antic wood skeleton pieces as beams as well as traditional slates.

Material is hightly resistant to ultraviolet radiation and is not affected by temperature change and neither by erosion. It can be used for outdoor as well as for indoor applications. Ballast SDW can hide and protect insulation material.

Light and flexible Ballast SDW is applicable to any structure. Ballast SDW can be curved to create vaults, domes ,hip and valley roof.

We just need your imagination to give life and atmosphere to amazing decorations.


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